Ask Max Homa to critique your golf swing at your own risk


Max Homa received an unusual tweet on December 18, from a fan asking the PGA Tour pro to critique his golf swing — but it came with a twist. Bryan McLaughlin asked Homa to analyze his swing in a video similar to the way Chef Gordon Ramsay unapologetically insults people about their cooking skills on twitter.

Homa wasted no time to retweet McLaughlin’s video and request, telling him it was the worst camera angle ever and included a GIF of Gordon Ramsay smashing two pieces of bread onto someone’s face, telling them they’re an idiot sandwich.

Not only was it an outstanding use of a GIF on Twitter, but it sparked a flood of other requests for Homa to roast average golf swings. He has not only accepted the challenge of bluntly and hilariously dissecting swings as Ramsay would if he were a golf pro, but he has taken the time to respond to a ton of his followers.

“I was going to be done with it, but people kept sending them. I was just doing what most people do and was sitting on my couch,” Homa said. “I just sat here and kept doing it. I did it with my swing and everyone kept roasting me back, so it was fun.”

“The dude that started it deserves all the credit, he had the idea.”

The dude that started it deserves the credit, but Homa’s wit and humor have made this idea turn into a viral sensation.

Tweet by tweet, he went after the brave amateur golfers who were willing to expose their flawed swings and get the chance to have a PGA professional chirp at them through social media.

“My favorites in the beginning because they were just simple,” Homa said. “One guy said, ‘Hey Max Homa, anything would help.’ I think I wrote back, yeah, literally anything.”

This isn’t going to turn into a new career, but since Homa is in the offseason of the PGA schedule, he has some down time after practice in the morning so he can spend some time on comedy. He did some stand-up in his eighth-grade talent show, and little did he know it would ultimately end up helping his Twitter game.

Other pro athletes have even sent their swings to Homa. Current NBA player, Andre Iguodala, who previously played for the Golden State Warriors and now the Memphis Grizzlies, sent in his swing looking for a response.

Homa replied with a witty remark about Iguodala’s former teammate, Steph Curry, taking his money on the golf course.

Making fun of bad golfers is easy for some of the top golfers in the world, so Homa even took a shot at fellow PGA tour player, Justin Thomas. Homa retweeted a video of Thomas swinging left-handed and said it’s what Adam Scott would look like if he were left-handed and balding.

“That golf swing is so good. It’s no fair,” Homa said of Thomas’ left-handed swing. “At Memphis, the WGC, him, me and Xander [Schauffele] played a practice round this year and they had everybody hit a lefty tee shot, and I popped mine up, no chance. That dude smoked it down the middle.”

Homa says that most tour players chirp at each other and poke fun at each other on the course, but he needs to be careful with roasting swings of his peers.

“The problem is out there, you can tell the actual golfers that ask for those, you can’t really say much because that week or the next week you could get smoked on the course,” Homa said. “You have to be a little more careful. I imagine Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson forever have a trump card on anything I say.”

The tweets and requests are now coming in so fast and from so many people, Homa doesn’t want it to lose its value. He has thought about dialing the reactions and roasts back to once a week, but still plans on continuing to hilariously analyze bad golf swings.

He has tried to make light of his Twitter account, staying away from taking himself and social media too seriously. He has brought some humor to his social media accounts, but he is hoping that the hundreds of bad golf swings he has watched over the past few days don’t start to impact his own swing.

“I think I’m going to try to do this one day a week because I have seen so many bad golf swings. My dad gave me a tip when I was a kid, probably the best tip he gave me,” Homa said. “I used to sit outside the bar at our home course, and I would just sit out there and watch people swing. He came out one day and said please stop watching all these swings, it’s not going to make you better.

“Now I’m actively bringing that upon myself, so I don’t think he’d be too proud.”

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